Quick Guide - Overview
More Info Information Tree
Select an item in the information window to take you to its location in the 3D View.
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More Info Flying using the Mouse

Use your mouse in the 3D window to navigate around the terrain.

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More Info Navigation Map
The map can be used to pinpoint the current position of the 3D view.
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More Info Menu Controls
These controls allow you to open and close files, customize TerraExplorer, print the 3D view, take a snapshot of the 3D window, get help and information, and open the flight control panel.
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Flying using the Control Panel
Manually control a flight using the Flight Control Panel.
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Flying using the Keyboard
Manually control a flight using the keyboard keys.
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More Info Using the Toolbox
Open the Toolbox and use it's set of commands and tools.
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The Options Dialog
Open the Options doalig to changes different environment parameters.
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Information Window Map Window Play controls Menu Controls Navigation modes 3D view

Flight Control Panel Keyboard commands
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