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Skyline Software Systems invites Google Earth users to experience all the advantages of SkylineGlobe Enterprise – Special offer waives license purchase price.

Herndon, VA (April, 2015) - Skyline Software Systems is happy to announce a One-year offer to all current Google Earth Enterprise users, an annual subscription license to the SkylineGlobe Plus product suite for only the cost of annual maintenance. The applications included in TerraBuilder and SkylineGlobe Plus offer a one-to-one correspondence to each of the Google Earth applications (see table below).

In addition to powerful software for creation, publication, viewing, and analysis of realistic 3D environments, the combination of TerraBuilder and the SkylineGlobe Plus bundle offers an integrated software suite containing all of the necessary software components and a full Application Programming Interface (API) to set-up a customized, privately-hosted 3D visualization solution. SkylineGlobe Plus implements OGC standards such as WFS and WMS allowing it to operate as a seamless 3D interface with other existing, legacy systems within one's organization. For more details about our special offer, contact a Skyline professional at info@skylinesoft.com or at our contact us page. Also see our Products Overview to learn more about the distinctive capabilities of the SkylineGlobe suite.

The table below outlines the SkylineGlobe solutions that correspond to each of the basic Google Earth products and services.

Google Solution

Skyline Solution

Google Earth Enterprise Fusion Server


Google Earth Enterprise Earth Server

SkylineGlobe Plus Bundle

*Please note that PhotoMesh is not included with any of the above bundles.

The SkylineGlobe suite of applications sets the standard for 3D desktop, mobile, and web-based GIS visualization applications; allowing users to build, edit, navigate, query and analyze realistic, 3D environments and rapidly distribute them to consumers. Among the many distinctive capabilities of Skyline’s software offerings:
  • Rapidly deployable, cost-effective and comprehensive out of the box solution
  • Ability to operate in both connected and disconnected environments
  • Ingest virtually all industry and open standard formats for imagery, elevation, feature data, and models
  • Streamlined capability for managing large-scale geospatial repositories
  • “On-the-fly” data fusion for the presentation of new and real-time data
  • Highly efficient streaming server technology to support large enterprise deployments with minimal hardware requirements
  • Highly extensible API offering developers a rich set of capabilities across a wide range of applications and systems