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Web Feature Service

Powerful feature service technology for the sharing and management of feature data. The Web Feature Service streams feature layers to TerraExplorer and WFS clients, providing thousands of concurrent users with full read-write access.

Web Feature Service

Streams massive amounts of 3D feature data to thousands of concurrent users

> Streams GIS feature layers of polylines, polygons and points to all TerraExplorer and OGC WFS client applications
> Supports spatial and attribute queries
> Streams feature layers from shapefiles and from the Oracle, SQL server, PostGIS and ArcSDE databases
> Creates stream optimized cache databases for fast loading and efficient data streaming


Provides users with full read-write access

> Allows remote desktop and mobile WFS clients to create, delete, and update feature data
> Changes to data layer are written directly to data source
> All clustered servers are simultaneously updated with any data source edits

Smooth Streaming

Users can navigate through a seamless 3D World

> Streaming is unaffected by latency or breaks in connectivity
> Users can begin accessing the 3D environment without waiting for entire frames of data to display
> Smart caching

Full Scalability

Support thousands of concurrent users

> Multiple servers can simultaneously stream vast 3D databases
> Server clustering supports efficient server management, increased scalability, load-balancing and redundancy

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Version v6.6.1 for Windows